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Hario V60 Plastic Dripper

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The award-winning HARIO V60 is the first choice for coffee professionals and enthusiasts around the world, in the practical and compact size 01!

Originally released in 2005, the HARIO V60 is popular worldwide as a great filter that allows you to create different flavors when making coffee. Its ease of use makes it an ideal entry point for anyone interested in specialty coffee, while its versatility ensures you can tailor your brew to your exact preferences and get all the delicious flavors and aromas out of your coffee beans.

Popular with baristas and coffee lovers around the world, the V60 has proven itself time and time again: the V60 has won 6 out of 10 World Brewers Cup Championships and is the only dripper to have multiple wins to its name!

V60 Feature 1: Cone shape
The V60's distinctive cone shape allows the layers of coffee grounds to become thicker than on the flat surface of a traditional trapezoidal dripper. The cone shape allows the hot water to flow towards the center, so that it stays in contact with the coffee grounds for longer and ensures good extraction of the flavors and aromas from the coffee grounds.

V60 Feature 2: Spiral Ribs
When the coffee is saturated, the high ridges do not hinder its expansion and a layer of air is created between the paper and the wall of the dripper. The twisted ribs prevent the paper and dripper from sticking together, allow air to pass through and allow the coffee to expand sufficiently. This promotes even extraction.

V60 Feature 3: A single hole
The V60 features a single large hole at the bottom, as opposed to multiple smaller holes such as those found on the bottom. B. can be found in traditional trapezoidal drippers. This allows the tip of the filter paper to protrude through the hole, which in turn allows the hot water to undergo an extraction similar to that of a cloth filter because it is not impeded by the dripper. By changing the pouring speed, you can brew the coffee with the flavor you prefer - stronger or lighter.

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