Arvin Goods - the cleanest socks in the world

Harry Fricker , the brand's co-founder and ambassador, started his own design agency a few years ago, specializing in three industries: outdoor , product design and sustainable fashion . This created the perfect starting point for an ecological fashion label.

Unfuck the World!

Since then, Arvin Goods has been producing stylish socks according to the motto "Recover, Return, Repeat!" By using recycled textile waste, the company saves water and energy, which is usually wasted in large quantities on cotton plants. All textiles are broken down step by step into their basic fibers and mixed with different threads in order to be able to produce versatile products. Behind this process are the following materials:

  • Reclaimed Cotton - This is cotton waste from all over the world, where the manufacturer himself does without high water consumption, chemicals or toxic dyes.
  • Econyl - Is a regenerated nylon yarn made from discarded fishing nets from our oceans and discarded carpets that would otherwise end up floating in the sea or in landfills.
  • Polylana - A sustainable alternative to 100% acrylic.

In addition, worn out Arvin accessories can be returned to the material recycling center and REPEAT !