DIME - Quality Made in Canada

The brand from Montreal, Canada , is actually another phenomenon of contemporary Internet developments. It all started with a skate crew that put really good and, above all, funny skate clips of themselves and the scene from Canada on the internet and a little later triggered a real internet hype with their first collection.

Dime relies on very simple things for its successful image - the logo was taken over by Dior - the name from a Lou Reed song and the stuff produced locally in Canada. In addition to videos and apparel, as well as various collabs with Vans Skate or DC Shoes.


The Glory Challenge

With the "Glory Challenge", DIME also organizes what is probably the most fun and innovative skateboard contest ever. So you can see that you can be very successful with a certain skateboard “attitude” these days and that it doesn’t always need a big investor and Facebook advertising.