LAST RESORT AB is made by and for skateboarders around the world - regardless of gender, race, age. The sneakers are there to be and stay on the street. True to the motto: "No one tells us what to do - and you should do it right away"

The "VM001" is Last Resort's first shoe designed exclusively for skateboarding - in every detail. A silhouette that's rugged and simple - just the way we skateboarders like it.

A highly functional sneaker for skateboarding was developed in extensive tests and developments - without compromising the simple and timeless style. Every part of the shoe by Last Resort Footwear is tailored to this concept.

The mantra: "Intention to Detail" was and is an integral part of the entire process from design to production. The shape of the last has been changed over and over again to ensure a perfect fit. The sole pattern gives the shoe a lot of grip and stability, and as an added bonus, the sole is made so that no gravel or small stones collect in the sole. Special attention was paid to the thickness and height of the foxing tape to ensure high flexibility and the corresponding board feeling, and every millimeter counts.

The areas that are most stressed by skating are reinforced with double stitches. Even the laces are made from 100% cotton and not only last longer than standard poly-mix laces, but also don't slip like the synthetic alternative.