Holding on for dear life!

Hold on at all costs!

Ashe's griptape is pretty much the best there is. Founded in Vienna by Steve Forstner and Paul Labadie, you will hardly find anyone who comes closer to the ideal of "skater owned and run". It's one thing to support new blood and veterans of the skate parks, and quite another to also serve skateboard legends like Chris Pfanner and Eric Dressen.

As well as keeping Europe moving, the Ashes guys put in the hours needed to keep the local scene alive. By working with skateboard giants like Vans, but also with local fashion favorites like Meshit, Ashes has made a name for itself that has everyone's back. If you want to keep up to date with more adventures, visit their Facebook page or Instagram for more details!

The secret recipe for good griptape? A grit that's a healthy mix of fine and coarse to keep your griptape from running off in front of you. Ashes prides itself on lasting longer than the rest... Say goodbye to nights by the blow dryer shredding your fingers to get rid of worn grip tape! One shot, one kill. If it worked for Tom Berenger, it works for us too!