Bronze 56k - the most authentic skate brand in the world?

Peter Sidlauskas and his New York crew represent Lo-Fi 90's internet aesthetic. In 2012 they released the 20 minute clip ***56K*** and focused on producing hardware. In the meantime, a comprehensive apparel collection has been added and the brand sells its stuff in the best shops worldwide. Collabs with brands such as PALACE , Reebok or HUF underline the successful project.

According to founders Peter Sidlauskus and Pat Murray, there's no doubt about it. The brand likes to play with provocative designs and statements. No wonder, when you consider how a small thing from the living room became a brand that is now available in over 50 selected shops worldwide, including stores such as Dover Street Market or Supreme .

Bronze 56k was actually just a fake company that posted photoshopped images or products on the Internet. When more and more users asked when and where these things could be bought, the ball started rolling, or rather, the screws began to roll. Although Bronze 56k has long since left this time behind, they continue to strive for an independent image and choose their shops very carefully - keyword: scarcity strategy.