The best friend of the '90s skateboarders.

Girl Skateboards is and remains the most influential skateboard company of the 90's and that means something - because the 90's are and remain the most influential time of modern street skating as we know it today.

Girl was formed around 1993 after a number of World Industries/Plan B team riders left - most notably Mike Carroll and Rick Howard. The two then decided to start their own brand.

In addition to Howard and Carroll, the original girl team consisted of Jovontae Turner, Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Rudy Johnson, Tim Gavin, Tony Ferguson, Sean Sheffey and Jeron Wilson.

The name 'Girl' allegedly came about during a conversation between Mike and Rick. One of the original ideas for the company name was Muni, named after the Muni in San Francisco. Andy Jenkins said that the name "Girl" came from someone telling Rick Howard that he "skate like a girl," they thought it was funny and recorded it.

The girl skateboard logo was designed by Andy Jenkins, who was head of the art department (aka Art Dump) for many years.

Andy Jenkins has long been the head of art direction for Girl Umbrella. Other notable Art Dump members include Geoff McFetridge, Evan Hecox, Andy Mueller, Kevin Lyons and Hershel Baltrotsky. The Desert Twins, Tony Larson (Girl Chair Series), and Eric Anthony (EA Sports).