Helas: C'est la vie.

Hélas started out as a cap company which, due to its resounding success, has now developed into a complete clothing line. No wonder, since the boss of Hélas is Lucas Puig and he not only knows the trends in the skate world very well, but often sets them himself.

Paris has always been one of Europe's skateboarding destinations. Few people capture the charisma and style of this place better than Lucas Puig . Together with his friends Stephen Khou and Clément Brunel, the brand started out making caps and eventually expanded into apparel. As you would expect in the city of fashion, the clothing is of the highest quality, and much of it nods to the shapes, styles and colors of vintage tennis clothing and polo brands of the 1990s .

The crew makes it look easy to be correct and pull off tricks of such precision and difficulty. Protect your head with Hélas .