No pop - no style.

Pop Trading Company has grown into one of the most influential skate brands since its launch in 2013. The two founders, Peter Kolk and Ric van Rest from Amsterdam, Netherlands, initially started out as distributors for brands such as Polar Skate Co. , Palace or Magenta Skateboards . While running their own boutique skate shop in Frisco, they ventured into the skateboard industry with their own line of products. In 2016, the first fall/winter collection hit stores worldwide. Since then, Pop Trading Co. has been a must-have for skateboarders around the world. Their success has even brought them to Paris Fashion Week - as the only skate brand in the world to date.

Most importantly, Pop Trading Company has supported the local scene in Amsterdam from the start. Coming from the '90s skate scene, Peter and Ric know that a progressive community is vital. That's why they not only support the young people in the Dutch capital, but also organize events, gatherings and local video premieres.