Spitfire - On a roll.

When it comes to skateboard wheels, there is no getting around Spitifire Wheels. The company and its Flammenkopf logo have been an integral part of every skateboard since 1987 and there is hardly a skateboarder who hasn't ridden them before. The new Formula Four technology has also once again provided a decent amount of thrust under the deck and between the axles.

Spitfire was started by Jim Thiebaud in the 80's and has grown into a company that also makes hardware and apparel. Long known as a favorite among skaters, Spitfire has worked with companies across the industry to produce the fastest, smoothest wheels in the industry.

Are you afraid of getting stuck on rails and ledges? They have a wheel for that. Can't you keep your videos from looking like an earthquake every time you shoot? Spitfire has a wheel for that too.

After their Formula Four technology came out, the wheels have been the industry standard ever since. Light, fast, responsive and with a narrow profile that ensures a minimum of traction, for advanced and technical skateboarding.

If you're looking for motivation to get back on your board, check out the videos on the Spitfire or Thrasher websites. Their riders (Daewon Song, Eric Koston, Shane O'Neill, etc.) are some of the gnarliest, most technical, and stylish skaters out there, and if that's not proof enough that the wheels are the best, then we don't know what is It is.