Gramicci G-Pant Men's Pant - Chino

Gramicci's innovative line of trousers was developed in the 1980s and offers features that climbers were still looking for back then. Over time they have been updated to meet the needs of the modern climber. New features include more room around the hips, a front zip closure, and left and right back pockets. Gramicci's pants have become a staple of the collection over the years and are still gaining new followers today.

These pants feature a crotch gusset that allows for 180 degree splits and a strap for easy one-handed waistband adjustment. They're made from a twill fabric that withstands intense activity and comes in colors that convey a sense of presence and style.

• The original 1982 Gramicci pant

• With folded crotch for freedom of movement

• Easily adjustable waistband with integrated belt and buckle

• Zipper with two side seam pockets and two back pockets

• Loose, relaxed fit and low rise

• Wide around the waist with a slight taper towards the hem

• Made from 100% breathable cotton twill

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